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First of all, I am so excited that you are interested in a custom watercolor home.  Whether its a Christmas gift for your spouse of your first home together, a closing gift for a client, or maybe you just want something special for yourself to remember your childhood home - these paintings are certain to be treasured.

I will walk you through the steps to help you as you fill out the form.

First you will need to determine the type of paper you prefer.  Your options are a smooth paper with clean edges or a textured paper with deckle edges.  If artistic flair and character is what you prefer, I suggest the textured paper.  If you prefer precision and cleaner lines, then the smooth paper is the best fit. 

Next,  you will choose the size.  Keep in mind, that if you choose the deckle edge paper, the sizes may not be EXACT  due to the nature of the paper. 

After that,  you will upload a photo of the home you want painted.  Lastly, if there are any specific details you want included such as the maple tree in the front yard that turns all shades of red in the fall or the street address written in the corner, just let me know! 

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Upload File
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