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Hi, I'm Emily and I am a (mostly) self-taught watercolor artist.  I say "mostly" because there was that one time in 2nd grade mom signed me up for a painting class and then a few years ago I adventured to Paris to eat crêpes and attend a watercolor workshop led by one of my favorite artists.  I can't completely discredit those, right?


I am an ESL teacher, wife, and new mama to a precious baby girl.   I love getting to call East Tennessee home and one of my favorite activities is to find a cozy corner in a coffee shop while listening to a good podcast and get lost painting. 

Since I was a child, I have always loved art.  I began drawing at a young age and only drew pencil portraits throughout high school and college, but it wasn't until my adult years that I began to explore painting.  I find inspiration when I travel and experience new cultures or wake up to a cotton candy sunrise outside my window.  I strive to create paintings that emulate light and softness.





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